10 most intriguing tablets of 2012

From the inevitable iPad 3 to the mysterious Google Nexus tablet, here are the 10 tablets to watch in 2012.

10. OLPC XO 3.0

One Laptop Per Child
One Laptop Per Child, a non-profit organization that gives laptops to child in developing countries, unveiled a prototype for their first tablet, the XO 3.0. While it doesn't have near the capabilities of an iPad, it is one of the first very inexpensive tablets to be sold.

This is definitely a tablet to watch, but not for the same reason as the others on this list. The non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child has crafted a child-friendly tablet that costs a mere $100. However, it’s not designed for consumers. The OLPC XO 3.0 is designed for students in the developing world.

The XO 3.0 is innovative and practical. Since many countries cannot rely on a stable power grid, the tablet comes with a hand crank (1 minute of cranking provides enough power for 10 minutes of computer use) and a solar panel cover (1 minute in the sun equal 2 minutes of use). The green-trimmed XO 3.0 is compatible with Android or its own operating system, Sugar OS.

Past OLPC projects have offered a buy-one-get-one program, where people who donate an XO computer will receive their own copy in the mail.

Screen size: 9”

Price: $100

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Release date: Late 2012

The hook: It’s the future of low-price tablets as we know it.

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