Cross-cultural education

The Cultural Orientation Resource Center

A comprehensive resource on refugees and their resettlement needs.

Education Partnership for Children of Conflict

Highlights the work of its more than 30 partners that work to educate children of conflict across the globe. Plans to develop registries showing how to support the needs of children in specific refugee camps and communities.

Global Dimensions

Offers teaching resources and background material that support global, intercultural, and environmental understanding for all age groups and subjects.

Teacher Magazine

"Seven Principles for Training Culturally Responsive Teachers"


Church World Service

Frequently Asked Questions about Refugees

The Brookings Institution

"From 'There' to 'Here': Refugee Resettlement in Metropolitan America," by Audrey Singer, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program and Jill H. Wilson

Department of Homeland Security

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics 2007 (Refugees and Asylees)

Refugees International

Highlights work in humanitarian assistance and protection for displaced people around the world.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR 2007 - 2008 report

Including: Who is a Refugee? Current population at a glance.

US Immigration Policy on Asylum Seekers

Congressional Research Service, January 27, 2006

Migration Policy Institute, The US Refugee Resettlement Program

An overview of data and trends, the US in context with other countries, and organizations that aid in processing and settling refugees.

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)

Addresses the needs and rights of people in forced or voluntary migration worldwide by advancing fair and humane public policy, facilitating and providing direct professional services, and promoting the full participation of migrants in community life.

USCRI World Refugee Survey 2007

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