Imagine a kidnapping on the streets of Baghdad. Three months in captivity living with Iraqi insurgents. A concentrated effort in Boston, Washington, the Mideast and elsewhere, to win freedom for a captured journalist. Now hear what was actually happening during those 82 days.
To help tell the story of the time Jill was held hostage, the Monitor interviewed her, her family, and her colleagues. Jill and the others share their experiences in short video clips, and talk about mujahideen families, governmental red tape, cultural sensitivity, media exposure, despair, and - through it all - hope.


Jill Carroll: The strange situation of a cancelled interview (1:20) [Play]

Jill Carroll: The abduction (2:27) [Play]

Jill Carroll: 'Were you a target? Or a victim of opportunity?' (1:31) [Play]

Jim Carroll: Jill's father finds out she has been kidnapped (1:42) [Play]

Katie Carroll: Jill's sister copes with the news of her twin's abduction (0:53) [Play]

'Team Jill': The Monitor newsroom springs into action (2:02) [Play]

Jill Carroll: Speeding away from the scene (1:27) [Play]

Jill Carroll: 'Maybe they didn't mean to get me alive' (1:15) [Play]

Scott Peterson: 'Goosebumps' - The Monitor reporter talks about finding out (1:48) [Play]

Jill Carroll: Channel surfing with the mujahideen (1:02) [Play]

Jill Carroll: Jill is taken to a really humble house 'out in the weeds' (0:43) [Play]

Jill Carroll: The second house (2:02) [Play]

Jill Carroll: Being interrogated by the mujahideen (0:48) [Play]

Jill Carroll: The mujahideen's rules of engagement (1:19) [Play]

Jill Carroll: Choking down food to seem grateful (1:15) [Play]

Jill Carroll: The fear of being killed and dealing with Alan's death (1:00) [Play]

Jill Carroll Q&A

Jill Carroll and Peter Grier

After Jill was released, the Monitor invited readers to send in their questions about her experience. Hundreds of people responded, and Jill sat down in front of the camera with Monitor correspondent Peter Grier, to share her thoughts and responses.


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Image galleries

View slideshows of photographs taken during the time Jill was held hostage, including public appeals for her to be freed, through her happy reunion with her family.