14 animals declared extinct in the 21st century

In spite of US and international legislation, humans continues to cause extinctions of species worldwide.

14. Heredia Robber Frog, Craugastor escoces, 2004

Brian Gratwicke/Flickr Creative Commons
This image of the Heredia Robber Frog was made available by Brian Gratwicke via Flickr Creative Commons.

This small frog was once abundant along streams in moist, mountainous habitats dominated by evergreen trees.

Unlike most frogs, which lay eggs that hatch into tadpoles, experts believe that the Heredia Robber Frog skipped the tadpole stage, with eggs that hatched directly into small frogs.

Scientists have been searching for this Costa Rican frog since 1986 and officially declared it extinct in 2004. As with the Golden Toad, researchers predict chytridiomycosis was the likely cause of extinction.

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