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Facebook: Now with weather!

Facebook and Weather Underground are teaming up to tell you the the forecast for public pages and events you're planning to attend.

Michael Dalde / Reuters / File
Facebook, with a little help from Weather Underground, has begun unrolling its new weather feature. You'll soon know the forecast for any event you might attend, or for any public place you're planning to visit.

Few things are worse than being caught without a hoodie or an umbrella if the weather at a get-together takes a turn for the worse. Facebook today (March 21) added a handy weather forecast to a number of spots across its massive platform.

Facebook events will now include a weather forecast if the event is 10 days away or less. Public pages, such as those for local parks and far-flung cities, will also include the weather. The new information will be included on both Web-based and mobile versions of Facebook.

Weather information is provided by Weather Underground. Each single-line entry will include a general forecast as well as the high and low temperatures for the day.

It's a small update for Facebook, but adding automatic weather updates to event pages could be a big help to users. Further, people can use the search bar to find weather for a particular location by typing in "Weather for New York City," for instance. This information is provided by Bing .

Facebook has begun rolling out its weather feature, so watch for it the next time you plan or RSVP to an event.

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