iPhone jailbreaking made easy

iPhone jailbreaking is now easier than ever, thanks to a application that can be accessed via the iPhone's Web browser.

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters
iPhone jailbreaking is now officially legal, and its now easier than ever thanks to, a Web-based application that you can access using your iPhone's browser.

The first jailbreak for the iPhone 4 was released yesterday by a hacker called "comex." But even more interesting is the method for jailbreaking an iPhone. Instead of downloading and using software on a computer connected to the phone, the new jailbreak works inside a Web browser that can be accessed on the iPhone itself.

It was only a matter of time.

Comex, who is supposedly a member of the iPhone Dev Team, put the jailbreak up on Simply visiting that site in an iPhone 4 browser will start the jailbreak process so users can circumvent system controls and run unauthorized code and apps on their phones. It's designed to work on iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4, too.

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iPhone 4 users may want to wait for a while, though. Early users are reporting JailbreakMe is killing MMS messaging and FaceTime video chat. Comex has said he's working on a fix for these issues.

While jailbreaking is now officially legal as long as it is used to install legally obtained software, Apple still strongly disapproves of it. Jailbreaking an iPhone 4 will void the warranty.

IN PICTURES: Apple's iCandy

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