A million new iPhones, $30 apologies, and two kinds of cracking

Eric Risberg/AP/File
Customers get assistance purchasing the new Apple iPhone 3G S at an Apple store in San Francisco on Friday, the first day the phone was available.

Let's talk numbers.

1,000,000: The number of iPhone 3G S sales Apple rang up over its opening weekend. This beat analysts' predictions and easily outperformed Palm which, despite breaking its own sales record, moved fewer than 100,000 Pre smartphones on its first weekend. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in his first public statement since taking a medical leave of absence from the company in January, touted the 50,000 third-party applications available for download in the company's App Store. The Atlantic saw the high sales numbers, but reminds readers that the faster iPhone still can't outrun recessionary economics.

20: The percentage of iPhones (original, 3G, and 3G S) that have sustained some kind of damage, according to a survey conducted by warranty company SquareTrade, as reported by TechCrunch. The most common cause of iPhone death? Drops or falls. (That 3.5-inch touchscreen is easy to break.) Next up? Water damage. Remember this summer: remove iPhone from swim trunks, then cannonball. Read the full results here (PDF link).

30: The number of iTunes gift certificate dollars that Apple is reportedly offering new iPhone 3G S owners stuck in a frustrating purgatory of long activation times. Some new iPhone owners have had to suffer through 96 hours without phone access after forking over their two Benjamins. Gizmodo has a copy of the email that affected users are reportedly receiving from Apple.

7: The number of days that would-be hackers had to wait after the iPhone 3.0 operating system's release before jailbreaking and unlocking became available. The (very unofficial) iPhone Dev Team released its "Ultrasn0w" unlocking program Tuesday, letting motivated users free their iPhones from AT&T and install themes and applications not approved by Apple. For now, this is the only way US iPhone users can make use of the multimedia messaging service (MMS) and tethering features promised in the 3.0 software update but absent because of AT&T-imposed limitations. As always with this sort of unsanctioned activity, use at your own risk. "The one caveat," according to PC World: "this jailbreak doesn't work for the new iPhone 3G S, so if you're enjoying your 'S' for 'speed,' you'll also have to 'W' for 'wait.'"

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