Rethinking the News

The constant news cycle can leave anyone feeling unsure of what is accurate or who to believe. In this podcast, we create space for constructive conversations across a range of perspectives and give our listeners the information they need to come to their own conclusions. Hosted by staff members of The Christian Science Monitor, a nonpartisan news organization with bureaus around the globe. Visit to learn more.

Black Wall Street: ‘Their Blood Still Speaks’

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The legacy of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre – its horrific violence and the subsequent silence – is still front of mind for many of its Black residents. How has this history shaped the politics of the city? This episode shows listeners Tulsa as it is and as it was – and paints a picture of a city reckoning with racism both past and present. Part 1 of 3, hosted by Jessica Mendoza.

Introducing: Rethinking the News

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Today’s news cycle can leave us feeling uncertain – about what’s true, about whom to believe, and about what’s really important to us. We want to bring you something different. Welcome to “Rethinking the News,” a new podcast by The Christian Science Monitor.