Energy tycoon Pickens backs Romney

In an interview with CNBC, Pickens said Romney is 'better suited' to deal with the increasingly grave energy problem in the United States, according to Consumer Energy Report.

LM Otero/AP/File
T. Boone Pickens smiles as he speaks during the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute Irving Energy Summit in Irving, Texas in this July 2012 file photo. The billionaire energy tycoon has openly backed Mitt Romney for president, according to Consumer Energy Report.

If Americans want to see sure, steady progress towards the goal of energy independence, they should vote for Mitt Romney, according to billionaire energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens. (See also: Duke Energy CEO Picks Obama Over Romney on Energy)

In an interview with CNBC, Pickens openly backed Romney as President, calling him “better suited” to deal with the increasingly grave energy problem in the United States because Barack Obama only wants to “talk his tax.”

With a large stake in the success of the alternative fuel industry given his deep investments, particularly in wind energy, Pickens’ vote of confidence in Romney appears to be fueled not by political views, but rather by a genuine interest in the future of the energy sector and its continued move away from fossil fuels. This is generating speculation among political analysts that his support could prove valuable for Romney in the battle for votes in oil-producing states like Pennsylvania, Colorado and Ohio, among 27 more.

 “All of those (oil-producing states) are key swing states and it would surprise me if any of those states, when they realize that Governor Romney has a plan, Governor Romney, I think, will carry his plan out and that is to advance alternative energy for transportation, which is natural gas,” Pickens told the CNBC anchor. “Now, when you – you know, 70 percent of all the oil used every day in the world goes to transportation fuel. Wind and solar, great sources of energy, but have nothing to do with imported oil.” (See also: Are President Obama’s Policies Causing U.S. Oil Production to Rise?)

Pickens’ criticism of Obama was rooted in the current President’s perceived failure to invest in alternative energy sources, a necessary thing if the country is to become less dependent on oil imports. While acknowledging that Obama “talks about wind and solar all the time,” he noted that work to develop resources was necessary to truly move forward.

“So, President Obama talks about wind and solar all the time, but what you’ve got to do is develop resources in this country. We have those resources and you can get off OPEC oil.”

Source: Pickens Picks Romney for Energy Independence Over Obama

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