'Green' jobs: Top 10 states for clean tech

Clean Edge, a clean-tech research and advisory firm based in San Francisco and Portland, has ranked states for their leadership in clean tech. Here are its Top 10 picks:

9. Minnesota

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    University of Minnesota driver Brian Eickhoff gets ready to start the American Solar Challenge, a 2,300-mile cross country race, in front of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.
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The wind blows steadily across the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so it's no wonder 14 percent of Minnesota's electricity came from utility-scale wind projects in 2012.

Green buildings dot the state's landscape, with Minnesota registering more Energy Star-qualified square footage per capita over the last decade than any other state, according to Clean Edge.

The state is also a leader in biofuels. Minnesota is home to about two dozen ethanol production plants, according to the EIA, putting it in fourth place among states for ethanol production in 2011.

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