Six ways fleet operators save on gas (and you can, too)

While you may long for $2 gas, the truth is that higher prices – in the $3 to $4 a gallon range – are the new normal. And daily prices are more volatile than ever. Prior to 2004, price changes of more than 3 cents a day were rare, occurring on average only once every 17 days. Since 2004, such price swings occur virtually every other day, with changes of 5 cents or more happening 1 in every 4 days.  Businesses – particularly fleet-based companies – have found ways to hedge against this volatility to save money on fuel – lessons that consumers can easily apply. Here are six money-saving tips, used by fleet operators:

1. Comparison shop for the best price on gas

Toby Talbot/AP/File
Gas prices are displayed in this November 2012 file photo in Montpelier, Vt. Shop around for the best price on gas, which usually means avoiding stations in large central cities and affluent suburbs.

Despite the high price of gas, consumers still can find a bargain if they’re savvy shoppers. Smartphone apps and price-comparison websites, such as, can help you find which stations are selling the cheapest gas. As a general rule, avoid stations in large central cities and affluent suburbs. Stations that are very convenient, located at interstate exits, for example, may also charge more than another one just a few blocks away.

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