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  • Potash cartel: Russia's Uralkali quits major potash venture

    Potash cartel upended as Russia's Uralkali drops out of the Belarusian Potash Company, heralding a price war for the key crop nutrient. The break-up of a major potash cartel leaves North America's Canpotex as the dominant potash export venture.

  • Energy Voices Will urbanization save energy?

    If urbanization trends continue, American cities have the potential to become far more sustainable, Chahar writes, rather than continuing the 20th century trend of sprawling further and further away from the city with an ever-increasing carbon footprint.

  • Energy Voices Piracy threatens India's quest for oil

    India, following in China’s lead, has been investigating the possibilities of African oil production, but its rising imports from west Africa have been threatened by the age-old scourge of piracy. 

  • Energy Voices With no room to grow, Canadian town evicts oil sands companies

    The Canadian town of Fort McMurray is booming largely thanks to the nearby oil sands industry. Now the town needs more housing and infrastructure and has nowhere to put it, so its taking back the land it has leased to oil companies.

  • U.S. accuses JPMorgan: Bank pays $410 million settlement

    U.S. accuses JPMorgan: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says JPMorgan traders manipulated electricity prices. JPMorgan Chase & Co. agreed to pay $410 million on Tuesday to settle the claim by U.S. energy regulators.

  • Energy Voices EPA head: Fighting climate change will create more jobs

    Climate change is not an environmental issue but an economic challenge, said newly confirmed EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in her first public speech since taking office. Ms. McCarthy outlined a vision for EPA that focused on combating climate change while spurring economic growth.

  • Florida gas plant explosion rocks central Florida

    A Florida gas plant explosion sent 'boom after boom after boom' through the central Florida neighborhood around it early Tuesday. Several people were injured in the Florida gas plant explosion, with at least three critically injured.

  • Energy Voices Quebec train crash: Will oil shipments by rail fall?

    The Quebec train crash has sparked a flurry of emergency directives to increase railway safety, but there is no sign of shipments of oil by rail slowing as a result, Burgess writes. Indeed, the oil-by-rail industry is set to grow despite the catastrophic derailment, and amid a criminal investigation that has resulted in a raid on the offices of the train’s operator.

  • Philadelphia explosion blamed on gas leak

    Philadelphia explosion was caused by a gas leak, officials said Monday. The Philadelphia explosion injured eight people and toppled an unoccupied row house.

  • Energy Voices BMW i3: With electric car, BMW eyes an urban future

    The BMW i3 is the German automaker's first mass-production electric car and offers a panoply of high-tech doodads aimed at an urbanizing global population. But it's too soon to tell if the BMW i3, or any electric car, will win wide appeal from a public slow to warm to alternative-fuel technology. 

  • Samet Island coast marred by oil spill

    Samet Island, a popular tourist destination in Thailand's eastern sea, was in the path of an oil spill that washed up black waves of crude oil on its beaches over the weekend. The Samet Island oil spill came from a leak in the pipeline operated by a subsidiary of state-owned oil and gas company PTT Plc.  

  • EU, China settle solar-panel trade dispute

    Chinese companies agree not to sell their solar panels below a specified price in the EU market. EU officials say new agreement will stabilize solar-panel market after steep losses and job cuts by European manufacturers.

  • Halliburton spill probe resolved. Will BP contractor cut another deal?

    Halliburton has agreed to pay a fine for its role in the 2010 Gulf oil spill, thereby resolving a U.S. Justice Department criminal probe. Still, Halliburton, the cement contractor involved in the spill, has a powerful incentive to cut another deal with businesses and residents.

  • Energy Voices Could Alaska end tax breaks for Big Oil?

    Republicans in Alaska have long argued that only a massive tax break would give oil companies the certainty necessary to ramp up production to bolster the state economy, but citizens backed by Democrats feel this was a simple giveaway of the state’s oil wealth and that they won’t see much in return.

  • Energy Voices On the road in Texas, where oil is king again

    The increase in US oil and gas production buys some time in terms of resource scarcity and depletion concerns, Warren writes. The windfall also brings with it time to wisely reflect about what America’s energy landscape should look like for the generations that follow.

  • Tropical storm Dorian loses strength in Atlantic Ocean

    Tropical storm Dorian continued to weaken in the Atlantic Ocean, centered off the coast of west Africa late Thursday, as Flossie spun far from land in the Pacific Ocean. Both tropical storm Dorian and Flossie are expected to weaken further over the coming days.

  • Energy Voices Gulf rig fire: How safe is offshore natural gas drilling?

    A Gulf rig fire off the coast of Louisiana underscores the dangers of offshore natural gas and oil drilling. Though no sheen was reported during initial surveys after the Gulf rig fire, federal officials said it was time the industry address safety issues in offshore natural gas and oil projects.

  • Energy Voices World will use 56 percent more energy by 2040

    Developing countries are driving the consumption of inexpensive fossil fuels, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Government intervention and international exchanges of low-carbon technology could help mitigate the effects of climate change, experts say.

  • Tropical storm Dorian moves west across Atlantic

    Tropical storm Dorian grew stronger Thursday morning as it moved west across the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of west Africa. Currently, there are no land threats from tropical storm Dorian.

  • Energy Voices Does fracking lead to earthquakes?

    There is mounting evidence that fracking can cause seismic temblors thousands of miles from the site, King writes. The fracking is not the culprit but rather the disposal of the brine used to do it.