Readers write: Seeing China in good company, reciprocity in a relationship, following up with lawman, outlaw, exploring music

Letters to the editor for the April 2, 2018 weekly magazine. 

Mark Schiefelbein/AP
A woman wearing a uniform with the logo of an American produce company helps a customer shop for apples a supermarket in Beijing on March 23, 2018.

Seeing China in good company 

I wish to thank the Monitor and correspondent Ann Scott Tyson for the excellent Jan. 22 cover story that detailed her return to China after 25 years. 

Not only was this article informative regarding this burgeoning economy, it became so by drawing a vibrant picture of places and things in China that rarely come to our attention, and it framed the experience in an utterly charming and touching manner. 

I came away feeling as though I have seen a great deal of China in good company. 

Mark Delwiche

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Reciprocity in a relationship 

Regarding the March 2 Monitor Daily editorial, “The moral question behind Trump’s plan on metal tariffs”: Thank you for explaining the importance of reciprocity as central to a thriving relationship. But what happens when both sides don’t see reciprocity the same way? In an ideal world, everybody would be looking out for the other’s interest because we are all connected. So how do we cultivate the sense of oneness? 

Barbara deSouza MacMath

Trumbull, Conn.

Following up with lawman, outlaw

I found the Feb. 12 cover story, “The lawman and the outlaw,” to be well balanced between the outlaw and the lawman. I would like to see a follow-up in two years that looks into how both people are doing. 

Pat Minor

Goodwater, Ala.

Exploring music 

The Feb. 26 OneWeek article “Is music a gift all humans share?” was fascinating. It made me want to explore the research discussed more deeply. Thank you. I would like to see more like this, please.

Joseph Charles

Adrian, Mich.

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