Readers write: Mel King's contributions; TPP and climate crisis; fallen officers

Letters to the editor for the Nov. 2, 2015 weekly magazine.

Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor
Mel King sits on a bench outside the South End Technology Center in Boston, which he helped found. It makes high-tech training accessible and affordable for city youths.

Local vision, global effect
Regarding the Sept. 28 People Making a Difference profile of Mel King: I enjoyed the profile and its focus on Mr. King’s local impact via Boston’s South End Technology Center, but was surprised that there was no mention of the significant national and international contributions King has also made. Namely, King was at the center of the divestment initiative in Massachusetts in the 1980s, which led to other states following suit. From what I understand, this initiative was a large reason why South African anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela paid a visit to Boston after serving 27 years in prison.
Jessica Lane
Arlington, Mass.

TPP link to climate crisis
Regarding the Oct. 19 Monitor’s View “Value of Asia-Pacific trade pact lies more in its shared values”: Our global climate crisis is fueled by the very attributes extolled by the Trans-Pacific Partnership: reliance on exports, overconsumption, high emissions industrial agriculture, and the car culture. TPP’s thrust is to deregulate the protectionist policies that would curb carbon emissions and promote regional organic agriculture and small-town businesses. In sum, the TPP will jeopardize our already fragile environment and make local promotion of renewable energy illegal. As to better working conditions, why would international trade organizations not scour the world for the cheapest, most exploitable labor force when profit is their ultimate value?
Maj-Britt Eagle
Santa Fe, N.M.

Killed in the line of duty
The Oct. 5 Briefing, “Are US courts still favoring police?,” rightfully informs us about the trend to doubt a police officer’s testimony, but the article neglects to mention some of the 30 officers who have been killed by gunfire so far this year. A subject such as that deserves some mention on both sides of the problem.
Muriel Horacek
La Cañada, Calif.

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