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Readers Write: The economy isn't rosy yet, and Islam is a religion of peace not war

Letters to the Editor for Jan. 26, 2015 weekly magazine: 

Markowski: Rosy images of prosperity and employment are far from true. 

Bashir: Islamic militants have tarnished the name of Islam which is a religion of peace, not war. 

AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi/File
Iranian demonstrators hold copies of the Quran and a decorative metal calligraphy bearing the name of the Prophet Muhammad during a rally against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s latest publication of a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad, which some Muslims deem an insult to Islam, in front of the French Embassy.

The economy isn’t rosy yet

Regarding the Jan. 9 online article “Unemployment down to 5.6 percent: Is ‘full employment’ finally getting close?” ( The Federal Reserve, politicians, and news editors should truly experience this economy before trying to convince us of the rosy images of prosperity. It’s a question of integrity and accountability toward us marginally employed who bear the weight as the financial system comes back from teetering on the edge of oblivion because of some thoughtless decisions by those well insulated from poverty.

Since I now work four part-time jobs in an attempt to make my $600 monthly rent payment and put groceries on the table, I guess I am supposed to be convinced that prosperity is here.

We’ve had enough thoughtless decisions made by those who do not suffer. A good start is to stop prolonging the delayed implementation of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, which was recently mandated and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Let’s utilize our resources and get the economic momentum going again for everybody, not just the elite who build their wealth and portfolios of collectibles.

Craig Markowski
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Islam: a religion of peace not war

In regard to the Jan. 7 online article “Charlie Hebdo attack roils an already on-edge France” ( As a Muslim woman I find myself repeating the same mantra that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorists have hijacked my faith over and over again. How ironic that the killers justified their actions by claiming they were avenging the prophet Muhammad. Do they not know that the prophet was maligned and ridiculed by his opponents during his lifetime, and never did he punish or take revenge?

Muhammad was the epitome of tolerance and forbearance. The Quran calls on Muslims to emulate him. If the assailants thought they were following in his footsteps they are grossly mistaken. Have they no knowledge of the Quranic verse that states that killing of one is like killing the entire humanity (5:32)?

Shahina Bashir
Germantown, Md.

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