4 ways you can take action on the Middle East and North Africa water crisis

Russell Sticklor, a research analyst at the Stimson Center, argues in a recent op-ed for the Monitor that more attention must be paid to a looming water crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. A severe water shortage, Mr. Sticklor says, could further exacerbate tensions in the arid region. But conservation, communication, education, and technology can help.

Here, Sticklor offers four ways that individuals can learn about and help combat water shortages.

1. Learn about NGOs promoting environmental cooperation in Mideast

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    Syrian refugees collect water at Al Zaatri refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria Sept. 26.
    Muhammad Hamed/Reuters
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Learn about local nongovernmental organizations working in the Middle East to improve cross-border communication and cooperation over shared natural resources.

Friends of the Earth Middle East, an NGO with offices in Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Territories, offers a prime example of how international environmental cooperation can be used as a tool for peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

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