5 solutions for Mexico's drug violence and security challenges

Drug violence has made an impact in Mexico and threatens to escalate and surpass the US border. This challenge could have far-reaching consequences for Central and North American security. Unless we act now to solve these common issues, we are placing the future competitiveness and prosperity of the entire region at risk. Here are five main points of action to move forward on Mexico's security challenges.

4. National security, not diplomatic discourse

I believe that we can no longer tackle issues of national security merely through diplomatic advances. We have been using foreign affairs ministries to address security issues, but this practice is outdated. It’s time to assign the handling of regional security to national organizations and expert institutions.

This fundamental shift will set a defining direction, as the days of diplomatic negotiations have been overrun by the serious nature of the security challenges confronting us. We need to bring about more efficient cooperation in terms of intelligence sharing and joint information gathering, particularly among the main drug-producing and drug-consuming nations in the region.

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