6 job interview mistakes to avoid

Although the economy seems to be showing signs of improvement, there are still more applicants for every job opening than there are available positions. In a survey, HR professionals outlined six interview mistakes that can instantly kill the possibility of receiving an offer.

2. Showing up late

Arriving on time for a job interview seems like common sense, right? Apparently not, as 29 percent of HR professionals noted that having candidates show up late for an interview was the most common mistake they see during the hiring process.

There may be times when a late arrival is out of your control, but the last thing an interviewer wants to start off hearing is a list of excuses. Candidates should always do their best to expect the unexpected and allow enough time to accommodate travel delays that might occur.

If something comes up that is truly out of your control, contact your interviewer as soon as possible to explain the situation and possibility of rescheduling. This will undoubtedly be received better than showing up late and wasting an interviewer’s time by keeping him or her waiting.

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