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  • Don't dismiss Millennials and our Internet memes

    The Internet meme is my generation's protest sign, our letter to the editor, our political cartoon. Our digital commentary and social media campaigns represent an informed engagement that older generations shouldn't dismiss. And our online activities help push offline change.

  • Readers respond: How well did the media cover the Zimmerman trial?

    Public reaction remains strong to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. In a recent Monitor op-ed, Doug Spero decried what he saw as biased coverage of the case. Monitor readers on Facebook had strong views on the topic, too.

  • On guns: For a conversation rather than debate, start with these questions

    In trying to bridge the civic divide over guns, a productive approach to conversation is to focus not on who is right, but on where people are coming from. Questions developed at a recent public forum on guns, hosted by The Monitor, can be tools for less polarized dialogue on guns.

  • A better way to talk about guns in America

    Tragic events such as Sunday's Mother's Day parade shooting in New Orleans will fuel the debate over gun control in America, even if legislation is stalled. For a more productive conversation, what if we shelve policy debate and focus on understanding why people hold the views they do?

  • Boston Marathon bombings won't define my first marathon

    At mile 25.7, after already mentally penning my celebratory email, I hit a wall of dazed, shuffling athletes. I regret not finishing the Boston Marathon yesterday, but the bombings didn’t define my first marathon and they won’t mar this tradition.

  • A GED safety net for high school dropouts

    Programs like mine can help high school dropouts earn the equivalent of a high school diploma by passing the GED exam. As a GED teacher, I find success means helping these students clear hurdles outside of class, and giving them a safe, nonjudgmental place to learn in class.

  • Look! Up in the sky! It's Space Shuttle Discovery.

    This morning, I laced up my office set of tennis shoes and walked to the Washington Monument to witness the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery headed for its museum resting place. The crowd pointed excitedly as if they were looking at Superman. And in a way, they were.

  • No crusty journalist complaint here: Caine's Arcade is more than a distracting fad

    We sometimes complain that fickle Internet fads drive our news coverage. But Caine's Arcade made the virtual front pages for all the right reasons. The phenomenon provides another example of how the Web 2.0 world informs media coverage – and better yet – inspires action.


Photos of the Week 0115 Photos of the week

Khansa, an eight-month old critically endangered Bornean orangutan, shows off it's two front teeth, at the Singapore Zoo on Jan. 11, in Singapore. The Singapore Zoo is active with its breeding programs as part of its wildlife preservation efforts. This is the Zoo's 46th successful orangutan birth.

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