Healing political division

In times like these, overcoming polarization and anger may seem like an uphill battle. But each of us is divinely equipped to feel and express more of the compassion and brotherly love that bring progress.

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In the U.S. and elsewhere, political polarization and hostility seem all too common. We’ve compiled some articles from the Christian Science Perspective column’s archives specifically selected for their relevance to this very issue. Within each one you’ll find some ideas to inspire your own thoughts, prayers, and actions to further harmony, peace, and progress wherever you are.

In a short podcast called “Beyond political division,” the editor of the Monitor and a Christian Science practitioner and teacher share spiritual insights on a timely question: How can we overcome the polarization that’s so prevalent these days?

Quelling anger, finding common ground” explores the idea that there’s a spiritual basis for unity, civility, and progress in the political arena.

The author of “Postelection prayers” shares ideas that helped her overcome the devastating defeat of a politician she’d campaigned for and inspired her commitment to forwarding peace and justice in meaningful new ways.

The author of “Spiritual listening amid the political fray” considers how we can cultivate the God-given mental poise and grace we each inherently have.

And a short and sweet poem called “A prayer to end polarization” encourages us to go beyond “us and them” thinking and acknowledge our unity with one another as children of God.

Some more great ideas! To read or share an article for teenagers about healing a diagnosed physical condition through prayer in Christian Science titled, “Healed of mono,” please click through to the TeenConnect section of www.JSH-Online.com. There is no paywall for this content.

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