Enough love for all

Whether in school, at work, or in communities at large, exclusion of others can be all too common. But there is an alternative and even healing standpoint to the mistaken concept that love is a limited commodity.

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There are times in which one can feel like an outsider, left out of a circle of friends, co-workers, neighbors, or any situation where people gather to share experiences and just do things together.

This feeling of “left out” makes a sad assumption that there isn’t enough love to go around – that love is a limited commodity that can be used up or run out.

A big problem with feeling that love is limited is that we are likely to start doing things that can cause this to seem even more true, such as hoard friends, gossip, or lobby for others’ exclusive time or attention – all of which create greater division, hard feelings, and hurting hearts.

But there is an alternative. We can begin to think from the standpoint of God’s all-inclusiveness. If God is All – all good, all-powerful – and God is Love, as the Bible makes clear, there are absolute and infinite resources of Love for every individual. Everyone has an inherent ability to feel the inclusiveness of this divine Love. It’s our very nature to do so because we each are the spiritual sons and daughters of God, who has given each of us the endless capacity to love and feel loved.

All is all, and there is not a speck of space where one is not included in the infinite circle of divine Love’s care and inclusion. It’s simply not possible for Love to run out. Time and again I’ve found that when I realize more clearly that this is true, practical evidence of this Love – such as hope, comfort, and healing – comes into my life. Then it’s possible to think in terms of everyone being included in God’s love, and no one being excluded. Each of us can experience this!

There is infinite Love … more than enough for us all.

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