A prayer for Pittsburgh

“Let all that now divides us remove and pass away,” urges the hymn in today’s column, which points to peace and unity, not division and hate, as normal and natural.

Now is the time approaching,
     By prophets long foretold,
When all shall dwell together,
     One Shepherd and one fold.
Now Jew and Gentile, meeting
     From many a distant shore,
Around one altar kneeling,
     One common Lord adore.

Let all that now divides us
     Remove and pass away,
Like shadows of the morning
     Before the blaze of day.
Let all that now unites us
     More sweet and lasting prove,
A closer bond of union,
     In a blest land of love.
– Jane Borthwick, “Christian Science Hymnal” (1932), No. 196

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