Finding spirituality right where you are

A Christian Science perspective: A discovery of spirituality that cures, guides, and transforms.

Under the broad umbrella called religion, it’s not uncommon to hear of organizations and movements that have self-serving, depraved, and even fanatical agendas. In stark contrast to such corruption, and also under the name of religion, are sincere, very thoughtfully organized endeavors that are tremendously beneficial and conducive to mankind’s well-being.

An encouraging trend is how the world is seeing more examples of the ways spirituality – the fact of being spiritual – can cure, guide, and transform lives.

This idea of spirituality is something Christ Jesus brought to humanity. He didn’t preach dogma but understood and expressed the goodness of God’s truth and showed that it was available everywhere and to everyone. “The kingdom of heaven is at hand,” Jesus said on more than one occasion. His understanding of the inherent spiritual relation everyone has to God brought healing to multitudes of people.

Today, on a planet covered by an even greater multitude of individuals, if we follow Jesus’ example, we have limitless opportunities to draw bravely upon the healing power of God, divine Truth, to touch the lives of others. There really are no insignificant instances of doing this!

Here is a little example: A few weeks ago, I was in a store that had a tremendous variety of things for sale. Not knowing where to find one item, I asked an employee for help. Sniffling, she looked up at me, describing the item’s location. Although I was in a hurry, I stopped right there and asked how she was doing. She said that she was so sick that she should never have come to work.

My heart went out to her. I told her that whenever I need help, I usually pray. Then I asked, “Would you like me to pray for you?” She said sure, but I could tell that she only considered my offer to be a polite gesture, not really meaning anything. Her face changed, though, when I asked, “OK, are you ready? Here goes – I’ll begin praying for you right now.”

After finding my item, I walked into one of the checkout lines to pay for it. I saw that she was working as a cashier at another register. When our eyes met, she smiled broadly. She took a deep breath, showing me how she was now feeling better and happier.

I am always in awe at how God’s goodness and nature can be found showing so clearly through us all when we pray to see what we truly are – God’s perfect, spiritual children. The Bible records this encouraging verse: “I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect” (Genesis 17:1). The deep feeling of awe of this truth was the basis of my prayer.

Referring to the perfection of God and man in the first chapter of the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered the Science of Christ Jesus’ teachings, says, “The first record assigns all might and government to God, and endows man out of God’s perfection and power” (“Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” p. 522).

Genuine religion for me involves being humbly grateful for this truth that we all are truly endowed out of God’s perfection. With God being all-present, God’s perfection is all present, and that is why it is intact in everyone. Simply to behold this fact in prayer – even at a local store – is an act that can contribute to healing the world. Yes, spirituality can always be found right where we are.

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