Praying about the next steps for Brexit

A Christian Science perspective: In response to the EU referendum vote for the UK to leave the European Union.

When I heard the news about Brexit – the radical decision by British voters to leave the European Union – I knew I needed to pray to support a good outcome for the millions of people involved. One thought that provided immediate comfort was this statement from the Bible: “... the kingdom is the Lord’s: and he is the governor among the nations” (Psalms 22:28).

To me this means that we can trust that God is governing and guiding, not just in our personal lives, but also in huge decisions like this one. There have been times in my own country when I thought a decision would lead to disaster, and have prayed, not to get my own way, but to support the idea of a right solution, whether or not it happened to be one I favored. Insisting on God’s government of good helps lift me from feeling that one political party or the other is “responsible” either for disaster or for the success of the nation. And I do believe that my own and others’ prayers have made a difference in those many instances.

Sometimes what may seem like a bad decision to me actually turn out to be a blessing as more information about the situation is known. And our prayers can be effective in supporting the uncovering of the truth of each situation. Such uncovering helps to reveal the thought behind decisions, and this can inform our prayers for progress. This understanding prayer can support a right outcome for all the parties involved because it is seeking the outcome of good, the will of God, which naturally blesses all.

Mary Baker Eddy, who founded Christian Science, helps us understand why we can trust God when conditions seem overwhelming. She writes: “Spirit is the only substance. Spirit is God, and God is good; hence good is the only substance, the only Mind” (“Unity of Good,” p. 25). It helps me to realize that Spirit, which is good, is what is substantial – that Spirit is the only true source of intelligence and guidance.

The Bible shows quite clearly that God’s goodness is available to all who are seeking the best solutions. For example, when Solomon was first appointed king, he asked God for wisdom to rule the people, and he became not only wise but also prosperous (see II Chronicles 1:7-12). Were the nation’s problems solved in that day? No, but when he turned to God, he was able to lead his people and find inspired answers to disputes in his kingdom (see, for example, I Kings 3:16-28). When we pray, trusting in God’s just government, solutions can emerge that bless all parties involved.

And it’s not only kings or leaders who can ask God for guidance and wisdom. Christ Jesus’ ministry brought out that we are all God’s sons and daughters, and God doesn’t have favorites. His love and guidance are available to everyone who trusts in Him. No one is deprived of His love no matter what racial background, creed, or national origin he or she may have – or even how that person voted in the EU referendum.

Ultimately, all are the children of the one Mind, or God. Our prayerful insistence on this spiritual fact supports respect for others, stability in our relations, and clarity of thought as leaders and citizens strive to work out their next steps in the long journey ahead. Solutions may emerge that were not even considered before.

Prayers that bring to light the love of God that is already at work can give us hope and strength to move forward. We can affirm that the love of God is what truly leads us, including government officials in the United Kingdom and also the other Eurozone nations, to wise and intelligent outcomes – giving people and nations the stability and peace that are much needed today.

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