Darth Vader burger? A black bun? Oui!

Darth Vader burger arrives Jan. 31 at the French fast-food chain Quick, barely a week ahead of the release of 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D.' Just don't call it a Darth Vader burger.

Courtesy of Quick
The Darth Vader burger appears Jan. 31 in Quick restaurants across France.

The Darth Vader burger arrives Jan. 31 at the fast-food chain Quick, just in time for the release of "Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D."

It's structured like a Big Mac. It could almost pass for a Big Mac, except that the bun is ... well ... black. Not blackened, totally black. Like two well-formed pieces of charcoal. 

It's also French, which means that the only way to get a black-bunned Darth Vader burger is to travel to the world center of haute cuisine, visit one of Quick's more than 400 restaurants, and plunk down €4.90. (That's $6.29 – but given the state of the euro, check back tomorrow. It could be cheaper.)

And because it's French, the Darth Vader burger comes with a few quirks.

For starters, don't call it a Darth Vader burger. In French, Luke's father (père de Luc) is known as Dark Vador ("Dark Vah-Door").

Also, you can't walk up to the counter and order un Dark ("Unh Dark"), because Quick is also offering the "Dark Burger" (an homage to Darth Maul).

You can, however, use the term "burger," which these days is instantly recognizable on either side of the Seine(Un Dark Vador burger, s'il vous plaît.) 

If burger noir isn't your thing, there's the aforementioned Dark Burger, which comes on a red bun with sauce aux trois poivres (three-pepper sauce).

If a bun with paprika and beet dye seems too adventurous, you can get the Jedi Burger, which comes with a regular looking bun (sans the sesame seeds of le Big Mac). Just be ready for the dés de mozzarella (diced mozzarella) that sit on the uppermost steak haché goût grillé (grilled patty).

The sandwich promotion starts a little over a week before the release of "Star Wars: Le Menace Fantôme 3D" and runs through March 5. 

Bon appétit!

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