Job hunting? This week's Top 7 intriguing offers.

A look at seven intriguing job offers.

Every week, we search the job listings for the most unusual positions out there. This week's entries stretch from Menlo Park, Calif., to Washington, D.C. – and promise to stretch your capabilities. Smoke artistry, anyone?

1. Guinea Pig Fosterer
Employer: Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue
Wages/salary: No salary, but you get free vet care, cage, and supplies for foster pigs.
Details: Provide good, loving homes to temporarily house guinea pigs until they are adopted.
Location: Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

2. Senior e-Commerce 'Rock Star'
Employer: Tickle Industries
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Looking for an experienced Magento e-commerce developer. Fluent in PHP/MySQL: “Have written it while asleep on at least one occasion.”
Location: Winston-Salem, N.C. (pop. 213,889, median family income $51,668) is the headquarters of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

3. Cookie Artist
Employer: Not listed.
Wages/salary: $8.50/hour
Details: Must have some experience decorating cookies, cakes, pastries and be able to pass a criminal background check.
Location: Omaha, Neb., (pop. 379,851, median family income $56,651) is home to the 3,000-foot long Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, which links Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Named after Nebraska’s former Democratic senator and governor, it is America’s longest pedestrian bridge linking two states.

4. Smoke Artist for TV/Film
Employer: Not listed
Wages/salary: $90-100,000
Details: Commercial experience and great client skills required.
Location: Austin, Texas, (pop. 725,306, median family income $62,272) makes it illegal to put graffiti on anyone’s cow but your own.

5. Corporate Sensory Manager
Employer: Lance Inc.
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Develop sensory needs on the designated product being tested (Lance produces snack foods like potato chips and cookies). Development can come from product experts, consumer evaluations, consumer sensory consultants, and other means. Train and implement sensory training program to staff.
Location: Charlotte, N.C., (pop. 649,578, median family income $62,432) was the 1909 birthplace of Herman Warden Lay of snack food fame – his surname is half of conglomerate Frito-Lay.

6. Bridge Inspector
Employer: TranSystems Corporation
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Prepare inspection reports for various bridge structures ranging from small bridges to major river crossings in Illinois and surrounding states.
Location: St. Louis (pop. 352,389, median family income $40,536) was the site of the invention of the ice cream cone at the World’s Fair in 1904. Ernest Hamwi rolled waffles from his booth to hold ice cream after a nearby ice cream vendor ran out of cups.

7. Principal Engineer, R&D Balloon Design
Employer: Conor Medsystems
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Understanding of the relationship between inputs and balloon design output is essential for success in this position. Serve as subject-matter expert on balloon material as well as interactions with environmental and processing conditions.
Location: Menlo Park, Calif., (pop. 29,981, median family income $84,609) is famously home to Sand Hill Road, a nexus of venture capital firms that in 2000 drove the cost of a square foot of commercial office space to $144 along the strip, nearing the cost of space in downtown Tokyo and exceeding London’s tony West End.

David Grant is a Monitor contributor. For last week's list, click here.

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