This week's Top 8 intriguing job offers

Here's our Top 8 list of intriguing jobs.


This week's Top 8 has coast-to-coast flavor. Willing to squat for pay in San Diego? Want to fire up your computer in the service of ethical hacking in Maryland? Got jumping ability? In Atlanta, you could put it to work.

1. Squatter
Employer: The Lobster Bakers
Wages/salary: Hourly, amount TBD
Details: Required to secure sites for Lobster Bakers’ events. Also be responsible for being at the site when the warehouse arrives with the equipment and set up any stands, canopies, or other equipment.
Location: San Diego (pop. 1,264,263, median family income $72,407) is home to the San Diego Zoo, which has the largest zoo membership in the world with over 250,000 households.

2. Ethical hacker
Employer: Not listed.
Wages/salary: $90,000-$140,000
Details: Expert understanding of system security engineering needed for developing and testing software security tools.
Location: Maryland

3. Colorer for comic book
Employer: “Elliot”
Wages/salary: Volunteer until book is published.
Details: Fast, talented worker needed after last colorer was “to [sic] slow.”
Location: Madison, Wis., (pop. 219,843, median family income $71,596) is the birthplace of actor Chris Farley and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

4. Part-time zombie, etc.
Employer: The Haunting at Halloween Express
Wages/salary: Cash/awards based on nights worked.
Details: Actors needed for new haunted house. Some character parts will be cast for the entire season, but many of the zombie, lunatic ,and pirate positions will be open for nightly assignments, allowing actors a variety of character experiences. Free acting workshops offered throughout September.
Location: Phoenix (pop. 1,440,018, median family income $53,463) is where, in keeping with a state law, it is illegal to hunt camels.

5. Sky squad member
Employer: Atlanta Hawks
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: A group of acrobatic, show-stopping performers that “wows” the crowd at Philips Arena with unbelievable flips, moves, and rim-rocking dunks is seeking members who can perform a barani off a mini trampoline, among other skills, to perform at halftime of Atlanta Hawks games.
Location: Atlanta (pop. 439,275, median family income $51,835) was where John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in May 1886.

6. Associate brand manager – Dungeons and Dragons

Employer: Wizards of the Coast
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: Responsible for interpreting strategic direction and providing leadership and recommendations in the development and implementation of tactical product and marketing plans. Marketing experience of 2-3 years required.
Location: Renton, Wash., (pop. 61,248, median family income $65,105) is home to the first owner-operated IKEA in North America, opened in 1994.

7. Whitewater rafting guides
Employer: Wilderness Aware Rafting
Wages/salary: First-year guides average $2,800 plus tips per summer.
Details: Serve as whitewater-rafting guides on both paddle and oar rafts. Guides will run primarily half-day, full-day, and multiday whitewater rafting trips primarily on the Arkansas River.
Location: Buena Vista, Colo., (pop. 2,195, median family income $40,455) was the site of a strange incident in 1904, when hiker Harry Pritchard was allegedly attacked by a creature with the appearance of a huge orangutan.

8. Director of development
Wages/salary: Not listed.
Details: “Bring a few million dollars and nobody gets hurt.” Responsible for leading the design, implementation, and evaluation of all aspects of fundraising for Grist, an environmental news and commentary site.
Location: Seattle (pop. 563,374, median family income $62,195) is home to the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge, which connects Seattle and Medina across Lake Washington, one of the longest floating bridges in the world.

David Grant is a Monitor contributor. Click here for last week's most intriguing jobs. And catch us on Twitter.
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