Out of work? This week's most intriguing job offers


Just now starting your summer job search? It’s not too late — here are some of the best offers popping this week.

Each week Monitor staffers comb the job listings in search of interesting places to work. The most intriguing jobs we found this week are in Sevierville, Tenn.; Columbia, S.C.; Salem, Utah; Fairfield, Calif.; Los Angeles; Daytona Beach, Fla.; San Diego, Calif.; Houston; Wells, Maine; Kings Island, Ohio; and Leavenworth, Kan.

Got a sweet tooth? You could make a career out of jelly beans.

1. Dollywood photographer
Employer: Event Imaging Solutions
Wages/salary: $8.50 an hour, plus up to $2 an hour in commission
Details: Take, process, and sell high-quality photos to guests. (For more information click here.)
Location: Sevierville, Tenn., (pop. 16,846; median family income $37,972) is minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is the only major national park that is free to enter.

2. Candy/coffee specialist
Employer: The Fresh Market
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Educate customers about the Fresh Market’s wide variety of candy and coffee. (For more information click here.)
Location: Columbia, S.C., (pop. 116,278; median family income $39,589) has the Army’s largest training base — Fort Jackson.

3. Sheepherder
Employer: Not listed
Wages/salary: $750 a month
Details: Moves flock about area assigned for grazing; prevent animals from wandering or becoming lost. On call 24 hours. (For more information click here.)
Location: Salem, Utah, (pop. 4,372; median family income $57,557) was called “Summer Spring” by its original Native American inhabitants, since springs bubbled through the sandy soil even in summer.

4. Jelly bean quality assurance technician
Employer: Jelly Belly
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Inspect supplies and raw materials to verify quality standards. (For more information click here.)
Location: Fairfield, Calif., (pop. 96,178; median family income $55,503) has its 18th annual Tomato Festival in August, which also includes the Western States Barbeque Championships.

5. Motorcycle instructor
Employer: Everest University
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Provide students with the technical skill set necessary to diagnose and repair modern motorcycles. (For more information click here.)
Location: Daytona Beach, Fla., (pop. 64,112; median family income $33,514) allows cars to drive on its beach in designated sections.

6. Animal food preparer, bird collection
Employer: San Diego Zoo
Wages/salary: $11.32 an hour
Details: Chop fruits and vegetables; handle insects and fish; wash food pans and bird trays. (For more information click here.)
Location: San Diego, Calif., (pop. 1,223,400; median family income $ 53,060) is the fifth-richest city in the US, according to Forbes magazine.

7. Tanning sales consultant
Employer: E-Z Tan
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Provide tanning education to clients; responsible for suggestively selling products to enhance customer satisfaction and sales goals. (For more information click here.)
Location: Houston’s (pop. 2,242,193; median family income $43,907) metropolitan area had a Gross Area Product greater than the Gross Domestic Product in Poland, Austria, or Saudi Arabia in 2006.

8. Barber supervisor
Employer: Army Medical Command
Wages/salary: $28.13 to $32.82 an hour
Details: Checks completed jobs for quality of workmanship and to ensure each haircut, mustache, and beard meets the established appearance standards. (For more information click here.)
Location: Leavenworth, Kan., (pop. 35,420; median family income $40,681) was the first incorporated city in the state.

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