Job hunting? This week's most intriguing openings.


Pink slips giving you the blues? Here are some of the most unique job offers popping up in today's economy.

Each week Monitor staffers comb the job listings in search of interesting places to work. The most intriguing jobs we found this week are in Saugus, Mass.; Weymouth, Mass.; Horseheads, N.Y.; Gloucester, Mass.; Las Vegas; and Juneau, Alaska.

Do you like cruises – or white tigers? Read on.

1. Bedding specialist
Employer: Bernie & Phyl's
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Match customers’ bedding needs with items in showroom; put fabrics and colors together; train sales consultants in changes to bedding lineup. (For more information click here.)
Location: Saugus, Mass. (pop. 27,478; median family income $78,983) is featured in Stephen King’s 2006 horror novel “Cell,” which has a scene showing the main characters walking down the town’s “Miracle Mile.”

2. Part-time embroiderer
Employer: Not listed
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Run computerized embroidery machines; pay careful attention to spelling. (For more information click here.)
Location: Weymouth, Mass., (pop. 53,988; median family income $79,120) calls itself a "mature" community, since nearly all of its available land has been developed.

3. Art sales professional
Employer: Plymouth Auctioneering
Wages/salary: $100,000 and up; includes room and board. (For more information click here.)
Details: Host art programs on cruise liners; be able to work for four to six months straight on a luxury cruise ship.
Location: Varies.

4. Blackhawk helicopter mechanic
Employer: Aerotek Aviation
Wages/salary: $23 to $25 an hour
Details: Perform maintenance on UH-60, SH-60, or MH-60 helicopters; must have six or more years of Blackhawk experience. (For more information click here.)
Location: Horseheads, N.Y., (pop. 6,254; median family income $44,971) was where Gen. John Sullivan left thousands of exhausted horses after they had carried heavy military equipment from Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War.

5. Blender/mixer
Employer: Not listed
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Fill 5,000-pound mixer with food ingredients; clean mixer and surrounding area after each batch. (For more information click here.)
Location: Gloucester, Mass., (pop. 30,273; median family income $58,459) says it is America’s oldest fishing port.

6. Las Vegas hotel tour guide
Employer: Mirage Las Vegas
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Give educational tours of the hotel’s dolphin habitat, secret garden, and the white tigers. (For more information click here.)
Location: The county clerk's marriage services office in Las Vegas (pop. 478,434; median family income $50,465) is open until midnight year around.

7. Dance/drill team head coach
Employer: Juneau School District
Wages/salary: Not listed
Details: Coach teams for Thunder Mountain High School. (For more information click here.)
Location: Juneau, Alaska (pop. 30,850; median family income $88,187) is the only state capital to border another country – Canada.

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