Be smart about Hurricane Sandy relief

Hamm offers some tips for donating to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, as well as other links, in his Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup.

Amanda Lucier/The Virginian-Pilot/AP
A Jayhawk helicopter operated by the U.S. Coast Guard continues search and rescue operations Tuesday for captain Robin Walbridge of the tall ship HMS Bounty, which turned on its side 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C. during Hurricane Sandy on Monday, in Elizabeth City, N.C. Hamm advises donating money or blood to help with hurricane relief efforts.

A large section of the country is reeling from the hurricane.

Aside from extending sympathy from the millions of victims, I only have one small thing to say. Send aid, but be smart about it.

They don’t need your “stuff.” Don’t try to send blankets or toiletries or first aid supplies. The logistics of getting those items from you to them is more trouble than the value of your item.

What they do need is your money and possibly a blood donation. You can give both through your local branch of the American Red Cross. If you can spare a dollar or two, that’s where you should take it. The Red Cross is an amazing charity. 

I speak from very personal experience about natural disasters. Don’t send stuff. It’s harder for them to deal with than the item is worth and it likely won’t arrive until well after it will be needed. Send a few dollars instead and, if you can, donate some blood which is always useful.

This is true of almost any major disaster.

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