Think motorcycle insurance covers just motorcycles? Think again.

There are a number of vehicles that fall under the protection of a motorcycle insurance policy and owners should consider purchasing it – required or not.

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Thomas Trapp, a Harley-Davidson dealer from Frankfurt, Germany, works on his 1914 Harley-Davidson motorcycle , in Atlantic City, N.J.

Many people don’t realize that motorcycle insurance covers more than just motorcycles. There are a number of vehicles that fall under the protection of a motorcycle insurance policy and owners should consider purchasing it – required or not.

Mopeds and scooters

Mopeds and scooters are perhaps the most similar vehicles to motorcycles covered by motorcycle insurance. They are similar in performance and usage, so it makes sense they would be covered under motorcycle insurance policies.

Most states require moped and scooter owners (like motorcycle owners) to have some level of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance, which are part of every motorcycle insurance policy. In addition to liability coverage required, the same optionalmotorcycle insurance coverages are available to mopeds and scooters. Medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, collision and comprehensive are all coverages moped and scooter drivers can purchase. 


Three-wheeled motorcycles, often called trikes, are usually covered under motorcycle insurance policies. This might not be surprising, considering there is little difference between them and a traditional motorcycle other than a third wheel. Trike owners can get the same coverages available any motorcycle owner when they purchase a motorcycle insurance policy.

Custom or Limited-Production Motorcycles

Frequently, customized or special edition cars are excluded from auto insurance policies but that isn’t the case with motorcycle insurance. Many motorcycle insurance policies will cover a customized motorcycle, whether it simply has a different paint job or a bike has dozens of custom elements. 

Vintage Motorcycles

Most auto insurance companies will not cover a vintage or classic car. They usually require a specialty insurance policy. But that’s not always the case when it comes to motorcycle insurance.

Some motorcycle insurance companies will cover vintage or classic bikes under their standard policy. Of course, the cost to insure those under a standard policy might be quite expensive. Anyone who needs to insure a vintage or classic motorcycle should expect to pay more than the average cost.


All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) don’t look anything like motorcycles but they are covered under most motorcycle insurance policies. Many ATV owners forgo buying a motorcycle insurance policy because, unlike scooters or trikes, ATV owners are not required to have one. 

However, most state-owned parks that allow visitors to rider ATVs require insurance and it’s still a good idea to have a policy. Even though it is illegal to drive ATVs on highways and roads (with very few exceptions) the coverages that protect motorcyclists and their bikes are also relevant to ATVs. 

Most people think of four-wheelers when they think of ATVs but most varieties can be covered under a motorcycle insurance policy. Some ATVs a motorcycle insurance policy might cover include single and two-passenger ATVs and those with fewer or more than four wheels.

This article first appeared in ValuePenguin.

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