Zara sale: top 10 picks under $20

Zara sale items are marked up to 70% off at the moment, so you can avail yourself of the retailer's sartorial expertise for cheap. 

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A customer grabs her purchase at a Zara store in Madrid.

Zara is the world's largest clothing retailer, and that's with a zero-advertising policy. The clothes are just that good and that on-trend.

Even better, sale items are marked up to 70% off at the moment, so you can avail yourself of Zara's sartorial expertise for cheap. Shipping adds $4.95, or get free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

We've selected 10 items under $20 that'll slide into your wardrobe with ease.

Best Things to Buy During the Zara's Sale

Go Back 20 Years

Zara Women's Asymmetric Neckline Dress in Red Stripe, Black StripeKhakiGrey, or Black for$9.99 ($13 off)

Your Delia's catalog dreams from middle school are calling with this striped sweater minidress, except the one-shoulder cut gives it a modern edge.

Rock the Jorts

Zara Men's Basic Denim Shorts in Mid Blue, Dark BlueSky Blue, or Grey $15.99 ($20 off)

"Jorts" is, admittedly, not the most attractive word. But fashion that's good enough for Zac Efron is certainly good enough for the rest of us.

Goes With Pumpkin Spice

Zara Women's Flat Leather Ankle Boots with Fringe for $15.99 ($44 off)

It's officially September. It's officially ankle boot season.

Be Ready for Next Year

Zara Men's Basic Fashion Swimsuit in Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, or Navy Blue for $9.99 ($20 off)

Speaking of seasons, now would be the ideal time to replace your old swimsuit, or maybe even pick up a spare for swimming emergencies.

Does This Come in Adult Sizes?

Zara Girls' Shiny Jacquard Skirt for $5.99 ($24 off)

It's never too early to experience the beauty of a skirt with pockets, and this one is made of super cute fabric.

Popular Pattern

Zara Men's Checked Elastic Shirt in Red or Black for $19.99 ($10 off)

Anything resembling buffalo check is decidedly in, thanks to either hipsters or lumberjacks.

Crawley 2016

Zara Women's Fringed Top for $9.99 ($30 off)

Ladies Mary and Edith might not be bold enough to sport a crop top, but you can bet that if Sybil Crawley Branson were here, she'd be all about today's take on flapper fringe.

Tassel Toes

Zara Girls' Metallic Ballerina Flats with Bow and Bead Detail for $12.99 ($17 off)

Every girl needs a pair of shiny shoes, and the tassel trend isn't going anywhere.


Zara Women's Camisole Top in Indigo or Pink for $5.99 ($17 off)

A cami's primary purpose is to provide coverage, but that doesn't mean it has to be blah. This top's intricate weave adds interest to your outfit in an unexpected way.

Keep it Simple

Zara Women's Flounce Skirt for $7.99 ($8 off)

An easy, stretchy skirt is sort of the real-world-acceptable version of pajama pants.

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