What to do if your flight is delayed this holiday season

A flight cancellation or long delay around the holidays can frazzle even the most seasoned traveler. If you do plan to travel this holiday season, here are a few tips you can use before you start your trip. 

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Passengers queue to check-in at Terminal 2 of London's Heathrow Airport, after some flights were cancelled, as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo blew into Britain last month. Travel delays can be hugely problematic during the holidays, but there are ways to avoid them derailing your trip.

There’s nothing quite like a flight cancellation and long delays around the holidays to frazzle even the most seasoned traveler. If you do plan to travel this holiday season, try to avoid airports with high rates of cancellations and delays. If you’ve already booked a flight flying into or out of one of the worst airports on our list, don’t despair! Here are a few tips you can use before you start your trip:

  • Do your research so you won’t be scrambling if your flight is canceled. Check your airline’s weather-related change policies so you’ll have all the facts if you need to reschedule your flight.
  • Sign up for flight status notifications to stay up-to-date through text, app pop-ups or email.

  • Keep your airline’s toll-free numbers handy so you can reschedule right away if your flight gets canceled—it’s often faster than waiting in line.
    • Many airlines are responsive on Twitter as well, so you may be able to reach customer service representatives faster via that route.
    • Note the number of a local hotel or download a hotel finder app in case you’re stuck overnight and need to book a room fast.
    • If you’re likely to face delays, think ahead to make the stay a bit more cozy. Remember to bring that extra snack or scope out dining options. If you’re delayed for a long time, treat yourself to spa services such as a massage or facial. Or you can always settle in with a good book, magazine or TV and movie-streaming app to pass the time. If you find yourself dozing off, make sure to set multiple wake-up alarms so you don’t miss your flight when it’s finally time to board.

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