Want to stay at the best hotels? Do it Nov. 23.

Even the best hotels are on sale during Thanksgiving week. Typical savings for Nov. 23 are 20 to 30 percent, although some of the best hotel deals are more than 50 percent off. 

Dan Cappellazzo/The Niagara Gazette/AP/File
The Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, N.Y., is offering rooms with extras for $79 on Nov. 23, a day for some of the best hotel deals of the season.

Are you planning one more quick getaway before the madness of the holiday season descends upon us? Our travel sleuths have a big tip for you: hotels are slashing prices for stays on November 23. In fact, most dates during the Thanksgiving week tend to be slightly lower than normal, depending on the location of the hotel.

This dip in prices on November 23 isn't surprising, since most November travel budgets go towards heading home for Thanksgiving, rather than booking a hotel room. While it might be unreasonable to forgo your annual trip home to spend time with family, consider tacking a couple extra days onto your Thanksgiving leave to take advantage of this "savings phenomenon."

Save 20% to 30% Compared to Average November Days

So how much money are we talking about? Well, typically we found that hotels are offering around 20% to 30% off on November 23, compared to booking an overnight stay on any other Sunday in November.

We also wanted to weigh up the savings compared to waiting later for a trip, so we took a look at spring pricing as well. If you choose to save up your vacation time and take a break at these hotels over the Memorial Day vacation in May, for example, you'll be paying on average 45% more.

When you factor in the advantages of avoiding late year burn-out/holiday-fatigue by taking a November break, we think the savings are significant enough to recommend treating yourself to a pre-Thanksgiving getaway. Here, then, are the top sales for this budget travel date.

Current Hotel Deals for Stays on November 23

– Paula Kerrigan is associate travel editor at Dealnews.com, where this article first appeared: Why Hotels Charge 20% to 30% Less for Stays on November 23.

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