iPhone 6 fever? Top 10 places to score the best deals.

You've decided to upgrade to the iPhone 6, and of course you want to get the best price possible. Well, you're in luck: the iPhone 6 is garnering deals like no iPhone before. 

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The iPhone 6 plus, left, and iPhone 6 are displayed on Tuesday in Cupertino, Calif. Unlike with previous iPhones, iPhone 6 deals are popping up quickly upon release.

You've weighed the pros and cons, and decided you want to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Of course you want to get the best price possible, as soon as possible. You're in luck! The iPhone 6 is garnering deals like no iPhone before, and we've rounded them all up for your perusal. Read on, Apple aficionados: your deal awaits!

FYI: Most sites will begin taking preorders at around 3 am ET on September 12, but you may want to head in-store to get the full details on the offers below. Unfortunately, the new iPhones won'tactually be available until September 19.

The Best Places to Score an iPhone 6 Deal

Walmart: With the purchase of a new 2-year contract, you'll get the iPhone 6 16GB smartphone for AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon for $179, or the iPhone 6 Plus 16GB smartphone for$279. Preorder customers will also bag a $15 Walmart gift card (which brings the total savings up to $35), but Walmart's not taking preorders for the iPhone 6 Plus. According to CNET, the prices will get even lower at Walmart subsidiary Sam's Club, where the new iPhones will be $177 and $277, respectively — even without gift card savings, that's still $22 off.

AT&T Wireless: Trade in your previous-generation iPhone (in good working condition) and you'll get up to a $300 creditaccording to Bloomberg. Because the iPhone 6 starts at $199 and the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 (with a new 2-year contract), the credit makes either of these iPhones free. That's similar to Verizon Wireless' iPhone 6/6 Plus deal, which offers a$200 gift card when you trade in your old iPhone 4, 4s, 5, or 5c, or a $300 gift card when you trade in an iPhone 5s. Either way, it's likely that the only way to get a "free" on-contract iPhone 6 Plus with either carrier is to trade in an iPhone 5s.

RadioShack: Through September 27, new iPhone purchasers will receive a $50 iTunes credit,according to 9to5Toys. What's more, you can score up to a $300 credit if you've got a previous-gen iPhone to trade in. Assuming you'll use the iTunes credit, RadioShack's offer handily beats both Best Buy and Target. Best Buy will give you up to a $300 gift card for your old iPhone, but Target's only offering up to $200according to CNET.

T-Mobile: If you've got an older iPhone to trade, then T-Mobile may be the way to go.According to CNN, the self-proclaimed "un-carrier" has said it will match any rival's trade-in offer and stack a $50 credit on top. You'll need that extra 50 bucks, because you can't get a subsidized phone from T-Mo at all: prices will likely start at $649 for the iPhone 6 and $749 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Sprint: This wireless carrier is offering what basically amounts to an iPhone 6 leasing agreement, in the form of its new "iPhone for Life" plan. For an iPhone 6, you'll pay $0 down, and then sign up for a $70 per month Unlimited plan for individuals or a $100 per monthFamily Share Pack plan. (The iPhone 6 Plus plans will likely cost more, but we couldn't confirm the exact amount.) Furthermore, if you're switching over from a competitor, you'll get up to $350 per line to pay off your contract or existing device. The only caveat here is that you'll never really "own" your iPhone, and have to trade it in for a new one in two years. (Everyone knows Apple fans hate new iPhones.)

Apple Store: If you really want to pay full price because ... reasons, you can always go to the Apple Store. If you're a fan of the Apple unboxing experience, retail locations will be open at 8 am local time on September 19 to begin handing out iPhones. However, be aware that folks have been waiting in line since August 31, so you may be in for a long wait. Even if you skip all that and preorder, you'll pay at least $199 on-contract for the iPhone 6 and at least $299 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Unsubsidized prices start at $649 and $749 respectively.

Marcy Bonebright is a feature writer for Dealnews.com, where this article first appeared: http://dealnews.com/features/best-phone-deals/

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