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Watching the Super Bowl? Maybe its time to upgrade your TV

Watching the Super Bowl? Take a close look not only at the game, but the TV you're watching it on. If you decide its time for an upgrade, here are some of the best deals right now.

Jeff Roberson/AP
Fans take pictures during media day for the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, in Newark, N.J.

Whether you'll be watching the game or just the commercials, this week's best HDTV deals are bound to make your TV the center of attention. We've rounded up three king-sized HDTVs for under a grand along with two smaller 42" sets for just $350.

  • Vizio Razor 60" 120Hz 1080p WiFi LED-Backlit LCD HDTV
    Store: Best Buy
    Price: $799.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $68

    Is It Worth It?: Not long ago the thought of owning a 60" TV was out of the question for most of us. Today, with many 60" sets comfortably under $1,000, it's not completely impossible and the 60" Vizio E601i-A3 is a prime example. Large in everything except price, PC Mag calls it a "great choice for a big HDTV," despite its modest black levels. Features include built-in WiFi with support for VIZIO Internet Apps, a 120Hz refresh rate, LED backlighting, and four HDMI ports.

  • Seiki 55" 4K 2160p LED LCD HD Television
    Store: Sears
    Price: $799.99 with in-store pickup
    Lowest By: $25

    Is It Worth It?: The Super Bowl won't be shown in 4K, but for early adopters who still want the latest in TV technology, Seiki's 55" SE55UY04 is $700 cheaper than competing 4K TVs. It lacks the streaming capabilities found in most TVs this size, but it boasts a 3840x2160 native resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, LED backlighting, and three HDMI ports.

  • Samsung 65" 120Hz 1080p LED-Backlit LCD HD Television
    Store: Best Buy
    Price: $999.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $238

    Is It Worth It?: The 65" Samsung UN65FH6001FXZA is a dream TV for any Super Bowl party. It may lack WiFi and Smart TV capabilities, but by forgoing those features it comes in at a price that won't leave you with an equally-sized credit card bill. The TV features 1080p resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, LED backlighting, and two HDMI ports.

  • Sharp 42" Class 1080p LED-Backlit LCD HD Television
    Store: Best Buy
    Price: $349.99 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $130

    Is It Worth It?: Name-brand 42" TVs rarely get cheaper than this. Featuring 1080p resolution and LED backlighting, this Editors' Choice TV is back for its third consecutive week. It packs all the basics you could want in a 42" TV including a 120Hz refresh rate, USB connectivity, and three HDMI ports.

  • Sanyo 42" 1080p LCD HD Television
    Store: Walmart
    Price: $348 with free shipping
    Lowest By: $152

    Is It Worth It?: Traditionally off-brand TVs cost less than their name-brand counterparts, and this Sanyo is indeed $1 cheaper than the above-mentioned Sharp. However, it lacks LED backlighting. Otherwise, it offers 1080p resolution and three HDMI ports.

  • Louis Ramirez is a features writer for DealNews where this article originally appeared:

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