Tackle the honey-do list with 5 must-have tools

From a screwdriver set to a portable generator, here are five tools to help you complete a honey-do list indoors.

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With the heat creeping up, it's the perfect time to complete a few tasks inside the house. Nichol-Caddy lists five items that you need to have — plus where to get the best deals for them.

By Joshua Nichol-Caddy, dealnews contributor

Surely mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges is out of the question in heat like this. But the weather shouldn't keep you from putting to good use these tool and hardware deals that will help tackle those stragglers on the home improvement to-do list.

1. HDX 65-Piece Screwdriver Set
 Store: Home Depot
 Price: $9.88 with in-store pickup
 Lowest By: $25

Is It Worth It?: Owning this Editors' Choice set of 65 screwdrivers may finally mean you can tighten the loose screw on the kitchen cabinet. Featuring a variety of sizes and heads for nearly any job, this set specifically includes a 15-piece screwdriver, 4-piece precision screwdriver, 1-piece ratcheting screwdriver, 1-piece 2" extension bar, and 9-piece 1/4" drive socket. What's more, the ergonomic, soft-grip handle on every piece of the set will also help avoid blisters.

2. Craftsman Limited Edition 26" 4-Drawer Top Chest

Store: Sears
 Price: $244.99
 Lowest By: $105
 Expires: July 6

Is It Worth It?: The screwdrivers detailed above will fit perfectly in one of the four drawers of this limited edition top chest. Fortunately you won't need to use any of them to put together this steel chest as it comes fully assembled. It features a keyed internal locking system as well as drawers of various sizes with liners and accessories to protect the tools inside. While there are side handles for portability, this 50-lb. chest is really for claiming a spot in the garage because it can hold up to 600 lbs. And keep a dry-erase marker handy, as perhaps the coolest feature of this chest is its finish.

This chest is available through a larger sale that cuts up to $255 off a rather wide selection of Craftsman tool chests. And though it's a little late for Father's Day, this is the best sale we've seen on these items since November.

3. Craftsman Universal Max Axess MTS 85-Piece Set
 Store: Sears
 Price: $113.99 with free shipping
 Lowest By: $6

Is It Worth It?: Go nuts on some bolts! With all that room in the tool chest, this 85-piece set will fit in perfectly. It includes a variety of 1/4" and 3/8" drive Max Axess sockets, extension bars, ratchets, and drives. Even better, the entire set can pack up into its durable and portable molded case.

4. Icon Modus 2 Flashlight

Store: PayDeals
 Price: $9 with free shipping
 Lowest By: $19
 Expires: June 25

Is It Worth It?: This little lightweight flashlight is Editors' Choice deal. It boasts a lens that turns and a dual-output LED, which can run for up to 72 hours on two AA batteries (included). Weatherproof, this handheld flashlight is great in case of emergency.

5. DuroMax 3,300-watt Portable Gas-Powered Generator

Store: Factory Authorized Outlet via Rakuten Shopping
 Price: $259.99 via coupon code "SUMMER10" with free shipping
 Lowest By: $107

Is It Worth It?: Speaking of emergencies, this gas-powered generator can produce a 4,000-watt surge and 3,300-watt continuous power, running for up to eight hours at a 50% load. It also boasts an electric start, idle control, and wheel kit.

Joshua Nichol-Caddy is a contributor at dealnews.com, where this article first appeared. Original article: http://dealnews.com/features/Tackle-the-Honey-Do-List-with-5-Must-Have-Indoor-Tools/767208.html

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