Radar logic: Housing prices are dropping

As of early March, prices have declined 2.71 percent  below the level seen in March 2011.

This chart shows the value of Radar Logic's composite value index of home prices over the past decade. Home prices dropped from March of 2011, but are expected to pick up as the more active spring selling season gets underway.

As I have noted in the past, since the home price index data provided by Radar Logic is more timely, unadjusted and un-smoothed it is particularly useful for gaining deeper visibility over our housing markets.

As for the latest trends, it’s important to note that the 25-MSA Composite is showing significant year-over-year declines while prices continue to bounce from the lows set in late-January.

The latest data shows that as of early-March, prices have declined 2.71% below the level seen in March 2011 continuing the pattern of past years with prices now heading higher as the data moves into the typically more active spring selling season.

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