Home prices on the rise this summer?

Radar logic, a composite  of home price indices, shows national index increasing 0.71 percent  since January but falling 3.76 percent below the level seen in February 2011.

This chart shows a composite of home price indices over the past decade. Since plummeting in 2008. home prices have still been declining slowly.

As I demonstrated in prior posts, given their strong correlation, the home price indices provided daily by Radar Logic, averaged monthly, can effectively be used as a preview of the monthly S&P/Case-Shiller home price indices.

The current Radar Logic 25 MSA Composite data reported on residential real estate transactions (condos, multi and single family homes) that settled as late as February 20 and averaged for the month indicates that with increasing spring transactions has come an increase of prices (the typical trend) with the national index increasing 0.71% since January but falling 3.76% below the level seen in February 2011.

The Radar Logic index will likely be capturing an increase in prices from now until late summer as transactions continue to mount.
Look for tomorrow's S&P/Case-Shiller home price report to reflect this declining trend though to a lesser degree due to its three month rolling-average nature with prices moderately higher.

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