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Economy | On the Economy

  • Ben Bernanke shows his mettle, again

    In recent remarks, Ben Bernanke showed that he’s not at all swept up in optimism about recent improvements—he’s particularly on point regarding continued weaknesses in the job market—and he clearly cites all the reasons to keep pressing on monetary stimulus.

  • It's time to raise minimum wage again

    If the national minimum wage isn't raised again soon, it will only increase the growing problem of wage inequality.

More On the Economy
  • If the deficit goes down too fast, unemployment goes up

    If the Bush tax cuts expire on schedule,  the drag to the still-too-weak economy from the reduction in after-tax income would mean less buying power for a lot of families and that would send the unemployment rate back up past 9 percent.

  • What Mitt Romney's 'poor' gaffe really means

    What Romney seems to have meant is that he believes the least-well-off are amply provided for by the safety net. Too bad he wants to shred it.

  • The problem with the 'trickle down' theory

    The trickle-down, de-regulatory agenda presumes that the growth chain starts at the top of the wealth scale and “trickles down” to those at the middle and the bottom of that scale.  Problem is, that’s not how it works

  • Local budget cuts drag down the entire economy

     Instead of raising taxes, cities and states are balancing their budgets by laying off teachers, cops, maintenance workers. The loss of state and local jobs slows fiscal growth for everyone.

  • Good housing legislation could save the economy

    Housing is the one area of policy with the greatest potential to actually move the needle on the economy

  • Fourth-quarter GDP figures good, not great

    The growth rate was 2.8 percent, slightly below expectations but an okay boost nevertheless.

  • 15 percent or not, tax policy favors the rich

    Mitt Romney hasn't done anything wrong in paying a low tax rate. What’s wrong is the tax system itself—by favoring investment income, the excessive use of pass-throughs, and subsidizing debt financing.

  • Obama's SOTU was specific, forceful

    Obama's SOTU speech called for lawmakers to  “build on the momentum we’ve got right now" by creating incentives for manufacturers, skills for workers, jobs in fossil fuel extraction and clean energy innovation, all financed by a fairer tax code.

  • How much will Romney really slash the budget?

    Mitt Romney is  proposing deep spending cuts that would cap federal spending at 20 percent GDP. That means slashing Social Security benefits and pushing 2.6 million additional Americans into poverty.

  • Rick vs. Newt: The debate factor

    Rick Perry's candidacy failed almost entirely on the weakness of his debate performances, while Newt Gingrich's  is thriving on the strength of his. One problem: a good debater doesn't necessarily make a good president.