Chobani layoffs in Idaho will hit temporary staff hardest

Chobani layoffs have been announced for the yogurt plant in south-central Idaho, but Chobani spokesperson Peter McGuinness says Chobani's finances are strong.

Drew Nash/The Times-News/AP/File
Yogurt containers run along a conveyor at the Chobani plant near Twin Falls, Idaho, Jan. 21. Greek yogurt maker Chobani is laying off workers at its south-central Idaho plant.

Greek yogurt maker Chobani is laying off workers at its south-central Idaho plant.

Chief marketing and brand officer Peter McGuinness tells The Times-News the layoffs include temporary workers as well as some regular workers.

He declined to say how many workers are being let go, but he says about three-quarters are temporary workers.

McGuinness says the plant has hit its production target and is making shift changes Tuesday and Wednesday. He says that instead of two 12-hour shifts seven days a week, production workers will operate three eight-hour shifts five days a week.

McGuinness says the company's finances are strong.

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