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Pizza franchise stiffed its Domino's workers

Pizza shop in New York settles $1.3 million lawsuit that it didn't pay its delivery workers overtime. Settlement covers 61 pizza delivery workers.

Eric Thayer/Reuters/File
Broadway in New York is lined with ads in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII. Some 61 workers at a Manhattan Domino's pizza shop got to celebrate early, getting a $1.3 million settlement for not being paid overtime.

Delivery workers at a Domino's pizza shop in New York City have accepted nearly $1.3 million to settle a lawsuit in which they claimed they were routinely stiffed out of overtime pay.

The lawsuit is one in a string filed by restaurant delivery workers over alleged labor law violations.

The New York Times reports that the settlement will cover claims by 61 workers who claimed managers at a Manhattan Domino's told them they wouldn't get paid for overtime hours, forcing them to rely entirely on tips.

State law requires restaurant workers to be paid a minimum wage, even when they are also receiving tips.

But at many New York City restaurants, those provisions are still ignored.

Franchise owner David Melton tells the Times that the company "made some mistakes."

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