Orange diamond sells for $35 million. Next up: a $60 million pink diamond

Orange diamond: The rare pear-shaped orange diamond auctioned Tuesday weighed 14.82 carats and sold for an eye-popping $2.4 million per carat. The pink diamond on the auction block is expected to go for $60 million.

Martial Trezzini/Keystone/AP/File
A Christie's employee displays the largest fancy vivid orange diamond in the world, during a Nov. 1 press preview in Geneva, Switzerland.

The largest fancy vivid orange diamond ever sold at auction went for $35.5 million in Geneva, where a pink diamond estimated to be worth more than $60 million is also on the block.

The rare pear-shaped orange diamond sold Tuesday is 14.82-carats, meaning it went for an eye-popping $2.4 million per carat. That's a world record price per carat for any colored diamond sold at auction, Christie's said.

François Curiel, international head of Christie's jewelry department, said the orange diamond's record price puts it "amongst the greatest pinks and blues, which are traditionally the most appreciated colored diamonds."

Sotheby's auctions are headlined by Wednesday's offering of "The Pink Star," a vivid and flawless 59.60-carat pink diamond.

Geneva is a favorite auction site for buyers seeking gems and other luxury items.

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