Stolen Stradivarius violin found after three-year search

Stolen Stradivarius violin has been recovered by British police. The stolen Stradivarius is worth $1.84 million and was taken from an acclaimed musician when she stopped for a snack three years ago. 

British Transport Police/AP/File
A 1696 Antonio Stradivarius violin worth 1.2 million pounds, ($1.84 million) , which was stolen by thieves in 2010 and was recovered by police last week . The 300-year-old instrument and two bows were stolen from Korean-born violinist Min-Jin Kym while she was eating in a cafe at London's Euston station.

 British police say they have recovered a 1.2 million pound ($1.84 million) antique violin that was stolen from an acclaimed musician in 2010 when she stopped for a snack in London.

South Korean violinist Min-Jin Kym was eating inside a sandwich shop in November 2010 when she noticed that her black violin case containing the 300-year-old Stradivarius was missing.

The violin, made in 1696, is one of only around 400 in the world. It was stolen along with two bows, valued at more than 67,000 pounds.

British Transport Police said Tuesday that officers recovered the instrument intact with minor damage in its case along with the bows at a property in central England last week.

Two people have been jailed over the theft.

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