Red Vines black licorice recalled. Too much lead.

Red Vines black licorice with the 'Best Before' date of 020413 contains more than twice the recommended daily limit of lead for young children. Customers can return affected bags of Red Vines black licorice for a full refund.

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    American Licorice Co. has voluntarily recalled some 16-ounce bags of its Red Vines black licorice because trace levels of lead are above recommended limits. Only black licorice with a 'Best Before ' date of 020413 is affected.
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Officials are warning consumers against eating black licorice candy produced by a California company because it contains high levels of lead.

The California Department of Public Health issued the warning Wednesday against 16-ounce bags of Red Vines Black Licorice Twists with the label "Best Before 020413."

The manufacturer, American Licorice Co. of Union City, Calif., has issued a voluntary recall for the tainted batch. Customers can return any of the tainted candy to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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Health officials say the licorice was distributed inside and outside of California. They're working with the company to determine where it was shipped.

Only the black licorice is affected – and only if it is in the 16-ounce bag with the specific date 020413 stamped on the back.

Officials say tests show the product contains levels of lead that are more than twice the recommended daily limit for young children.

Authorities say pregnant women and parents of small children should contact their health care provider if they have recently eaten the licorice.

For more information on the recall, customers can call Red Vines at 866-442-2783 or visit the recall section on its website.


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