Can we fix the deficit? Yes, we can!

Like Bob the Builder, the US can cut the deficit meaningfully.

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'Bob the Builder,' a children's TV show in Britain about an engineer who fixes problems with his team of machines, airs in the US. Its motto could be our nation's financial tagline: 'Can we fix it? Yes we can!'

I couldn’t help but think of Bob the Builder’s motto (”Can we fix it? Yes, we can!”) as he floated down the street behind my daughter and her fellow ballet dancers at our local Thanksgiving parade. Bob’s got a “can do” attitude because he knows it just takes hard work and the right tools.

When it comes to the tough task of reducing the federal deficit, the same saying goes. In Sunday’s Washington Post, a few of us pick out some of our favorite “tools” offered by the fiscal commissions toward this goal of fiscal sustainability, and Bill Gale does an awesome job in his latest “five myths” piece explaining why although the situation is not yet a “crisis,” we shouldn’t push our luck; why we’ll need all our “tools”; and why the solutions are not that impossible and the seemingly disparate goals not that contradictory.

So yes, we can! But will we?

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