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  • Over the fiscal cliff. Sort of.

    We technically “went over” the fiscal cliff at midnight yesterday, Rogers writes, and yet here we are today celebrating more extended tax cuts.

  • Redefining the rich

    Romney's economic adviser refutes findings on his tax plan by broadening the definition of 'rich.' But it doesn't quite add up.


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Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom, FEMA Director Brock Long, President Trump, Paradise mayor Jody Jones and Gov. Jerry Brown tour the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park during Mr. Trump's visit of the Camp Fire, in Paradise, Calif., Nov. 17.

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  • What would really happen with taxes under Obama vs Romney?

    The Obama campaign has taken the recent analysis of Romney's proposed tax plan as an opportunity, creating an Obama 'tax calculator' where any household can plug in their own income level, marital status, and number of children, and compare what their tax burdens would be under Obama versus under Romney. But is it fair?

  • Mitt Romney's tax plan: close, but not quite

    As it stands, Mitt Romney's tax reform proposal is a bad idea. But with a little tweaking, it could work.

  • Why women should be happy we can't have it all

    Women may still feel pressure from society to have it all, to take care of everything. But choosing and prioritizing will lend greater value to the things that make us happiest.

  • Bush tax cuts: Not a tax increase. A reset.

    Letting the Bush tax cuts expire wouldn't be a tax hike, as many are describing it. If policymakers want to reinstate the Bush tax cuts after they expire, they should be required to find a way to pay for them.

  • United Nations report shines light on 'Real Wealth of Nations'

    The latest United Nations report on inclusive wealth should be a warning to US economists. Their preoccupation with current and aggregate GDP as a measure of economic well being may be keeping us from achieving our nation's true wealth.

  • 'Tax': The dirtiest word of them all

    Our favorite mother and tax expert thinks it's a tad ironic that the authors of the health care legislation worked so hard to avoid the term “tax,” yet taxing is one of the most appropriate things the government can do, and ultimately saved the act.

  • The national debt as a high school subject

    Current high school and early college textbooks don't adequately explain what the federal debt is and why the students should care about it. This is a problem, because they are the ones set to inherit it.

  • Youth of America, wake up! Your elders are using you.

    The fiscal gap facing the next generation of taxpayers is going to be huge. The solution include taxes, but what many young Americans don't realize is that soon they may be shouldering the majority of the country's debt, alone.

  • Q: How is college like owner-occupied housing?

    In light of the rising costs of college tuition around the country, coupled with the staggering amount of debt students have accumulated, studies are being done to examine a possible causal connection between expanding federal aid programs and tuition hikes.

  • CBO budget outlook: a long-term view of the 'fiscal cliff'

    While this year's report doesn't offer anything new, the long-term budget outlook is a good way to take a step back from current policy debates and put impending decisions in the context of the bigger picture .