Ten companies with starting wages over $10.50

These 10 companies have starting wages a touch higher than the $9 or $10 per hour that has become the industry standard for unskilled, entry-level workers. Can you guess which retailer comes out on top?

9. Whole Foods

Julie Jacobson/AP/File
A shopper exits a Whole Foods Market store in Union Square in New York.

Starting wages: $11.00

Whole Foods has made Fortune's "Top 100 Companies to Work for" list for 18 consecutive years. The grocery store offers full-time workers benefits and stock options along with minimum pay of $11 an hour (company-wide, workers make $18.89 on average, according to a company report). Employees also get a 20 percent store discount.

One of Whole Food's CEOs makes less than a new hire. An unusual business practice Whole Foods promotes is making executive paychecks public. Employees can see that though co-chief executive Walter Robb made $2.05 million in 2015, but co-CEO John Mackey brought home $1, saying that he doesn't need money at this point in his career.

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