The 15 best entry-level jobs of 2015

These are the 15 best entry-level positions, taken from WalletHub's 2015 list of the best and worst entry-level jobs. 

14. Chemical engineer

Median annual pay: $94,350.

Immediate Opportunity Rank: 19

Growth Potential Rank: 27

Hardship Rank: 47

Chemical engineers design processes, equipment, and methods for the manufacturing of chemical products and removal of byproducts. Unfortunately, this job will only be available for a very select crowd with a very specific background with in a hard science, like chemistry or biology.

The position has a good ranking on immediate growth and growth potential, which bodes well for stability and pay. The hardship ranking is decent, but it points to late nights and possible workplace dangers. If your background is in a hard science, chemical engineer would make a great entry-level position.

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