Student loans a worry? 10 states with the lowest student debt

Seven in 10 college seniors who graduated in 2012 took on student loans along the way, to the tune of $29,400 on average, according to a recent study from The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) But debt levels aren’t uniform across the country. Read on for the 10 states with the lowest average student debt levels, according to TICAS. Can you guess which state had the lowest?

2. California

Paul Sakuma/AP/File
University of California, Berkeley students walk through Sather Gate on the Berkeley, Calif., campus.

Average debt: 20,269

Students with debt: 52 percent

The University of California public university system is considered among the best in the world, boasting top-tier schools including UC Berkeley and UCLA. The state's tuition increases have been some of the biggest in the nation in recent years, however, sparking protests and calls for reform. 

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